Brembo Brake Pads

Brembo Rear Brake Pads


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Brembo Rear Brake Pads


A Sintered compound intended specifically for road bikes, typified by particularly good efficiency under all operating conditions, in heat and cold alike – as well as resisting wear , for superior durability and better mileage.  Excellent for sports bikes and an ideal alternative to OE pads!


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CBF500/S (ABS) 04-08 07HO36SP, CBR500 R Twin 04-13 07HO53SP, CB600/S W-X Hornet 98/99 07HO36SP, CB600/S Y-5 Hornet 00-06 07HO36SP, CB600/S 7-C Hornet 07-12 07HO59SP, CB600 7-9 Hornet ABS 07-12 07HO36SP, CBF600N/S 4-6 04-07 07HO36SP, CB600F N-S 08> 07HO36SP, CBR600F S-W 95-98 07HO36SP, CBR600F X-Y 99/00 07HO36SP, CBR600F/FS 01-04 07HO36SP, CBR600FA B 11/12 07HO59SP, CBR600F ABS 11> 07HO36SP, CBR600RR 03/04 07HO36SP, CBR600RR 05/06 07HO36SP, CBR600RR 7-C Inc ABS 07HO59SP, CB650F 14> 07HO53SP, CBR650F 14> 07HO53SP, RVF750R R-S (RC45) 94-98 07HO29SP, VFR750F R-V 94-97 07HO31SP, VFR750R J-L (RC30) 88-90 07HO29SP, VFR800F W-5 98-05 07HO43SP, VFR800 6-C V-Tec 06-13 07HO43SP, VFR800 6-C V-Tec 06-13 07HO43SP, VFR800E 14> 07HO13SP, VFR800X Crossrunner 11> 07HO13SP, VFR800X Crossrun Adv15> 07HO13SP, CB900F Hornet 02-07 07HO36SP, CBR900RR R-V 94-97 07HO36SP, CBR900RR W-X 98-99 07HO36SP, CBR900RR Y-3 00-03 07HO36SP, CB1000R ABS 9-C 09-13 07HO13SP, CB1000R 9-C 09-13 07HO13SP, CBF1000 F6-F9 Non ABS 06-12 07HO36SP, CBF1000 F6-F9 ABS 06-14 07HO57SP, CBF1000 F 15> 07HO36SP, CBR1000RR 04/05 07HO36SP, CBR1000RR 06/07 07HO59SP, CBR1000RR 8-C Inc ABS 07HO59SP, CBR1000RR SP 14-16 07HO59SP, CBR1000RR 17> 07HO59SP, CRF1000 Africa Twin 16> 07HO36SP, RCV213V 1000 15> 07BB2035, VTR1000F V-F Firestorm 97-05 07HO36SP, VTR1000SP Y-5 (SP1/2) 00-07 07HO36SP, CB1100 12> 07HO36SP, CB1100SF Y-1 (X-11) 00-03 07HO43SP, CBR1100XX V-7 B’bird 07HO43SP, VFR1200 F/FD DCT 10> 07HO60SP, VFR1200 XC Crosstourer 12> 07HO60SP, CB1300 V-X 97-02 07KA2107, CB1300 F/S 03-09 07KA2107, STX1300 Pan European 02-09 07HO43SP, VTX1300 S03> 07HO36SP, VTX1300 C 04> 07HO43SP, GLX1500 C V-2 97-02 07HO31SP, GL1800 Gold Wing/Deluxe 01-13 07HO43SP, VTX1800C 02-08 07HO43SP